Every new home is the start of a new story.
Future Build properties rewrite the story, and the rules.

The concept

While others drool over lovely old houses, do you prefer the idea of being the first to live in a new build? Or would it be an abandoned, south-facing warehouse near an old canal, that would send you a bit weak at the knees?

Some dreams can’t be contained within four walls, however well painted the walls. If this is speaking to you, you’d better come in.
Future Build is about recognising potential when you see it, either as a new home buyer or a developer.

Estates East can future-proof your investment, by advising on the right kind of property or plot to buy. We can guide you on the acquisition, permissions, design of development, and down the line, we’ll bring the right tenants or buyers in — if that’s part of your picture.

Start your future on a path to profit by talking to Estates East.

We offer:

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Off plan pricing
Design consultancy
Gross development values
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Estates East
Pro photos and video tours
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On site mortgage advice
Help to buy assistance
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Land and  Property  Acquisition

Land and Property Acquisition

Right now there’s a wealth of untapped potential in east London if you know where to look. Old factories, scrubland, workshops, warehouses plots and lock-ups—places bursting with personality and possibility. But which places could turn a profit, long term? And which ones should you run a mile from?
Estates East can find you the property or land that fits your vision and budget. We can value it, secure planning permission, and connect you with the right architects and designers to maximise its value.

We make it our business at Estates East to learn what the next generation of buyers and tenants are likely to be looking for in east London.

The cultural history which has led this area to being so rich in old studios and warehouses, is also a big pull for our international buyers who are looking for opportunities to own a part of the east London scene. On any scale.

Whatever your plans, Estates East will future-proof your investment and start you off on a path to profit.

Land and  Property  Acquisition
Land and  Property  Acquisition
Land and  Property  Acquisition

New and recently refurbished properties for sale

Dreaming of starting something new, in something new?
The team at Estates East has places to view now, and knows what’s coming up next, talk to us.

Buying with help to buy?

Buying with help to buy?

Estates East has a dream property for everyone. And yes, some of our Future Build properties are available with Help to Buy, we’ll help you see if you’re eligible. Let’s talk, call 020 8520 9300

Let's talk, call
020 8520 9300

"When I saw the houses I thought there'd be no way we could afford a new build, but Estates East worked their butts off to make it happen for us."

East london’s  Property Design  Consultant

East london’s Property Design Consultant

We’ll help you maximise the value of your most valuable asset.

Planning structural improvements and design updates is exciting. But it’s easy to spend cash on work that looks great now, but fails to add value long term.
If you’re planning to extend or re-design your home, or you’re a developer wanting to stamp your design on a multiple-unit build, it would pay you to get some advice from Estates East.

We always have an eye on the future, and our Interior designers will help you create an aesthetic you love, using our experience to know how to add mega value.

What are you thinking of doing? Chat first, call 020 8520 9300


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> We know what buyers want NOW in east London

> We know what makes a property HOT

> We know how to ADD maximum value

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What are you thinking of doing? Let's chat 020 8520 9300
Estates East
Estates East

"Estates East helped us turn an awkward layout into a mega sales feature"

Expert help with your renovation:

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> Property consultation

> Current valuation

> Measure & draw up floor plans

> Hear & discuss your ideas

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> Present ideas and recommendations

> Advice to further increase your home’s value

> Proposed value once works are complete

> Examples of similar work

> Design consultation with specific recommendations for your plans

> Make introductions with architects and interior designers on a referral fee basis