5 Good Reasons to Add Colour to Your Home

The colour that greets you when you get home, should make you feel good as soon as you walk through the door. Otherwise, your environment isn’t supporting you as well as it could. It’s a personal daily impact and all it takes to fix is paint.

5 Good Reasons to Add Colour to Your Home

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Painting is a relatively inexpensive way to spruce up your home. Anyone can do it and if you’re new to it or not sure of the colour, it’s easy to put right.

And the results fulfil multiple purposes. 

New paint can freshen up your home and bring it up to date, help prepare your home for sale, stamp your personality in a new place, or make a child feel like they have a new bedroom.

If you’re thinking of going for it, don’t be overwhelmed by the current trends, it’s pretty bold out there right now. Choose the colour or palette that speaks to you, and introduce it in a small way, to begin with. 

If you need more detailed advice about how to update your home ahead of listing it for sale or rent, chat to us at Estates East—as you know, we love colour!

In the meantime, here are 5 good reasons to explore the idea.

1) Colour can boost your mood and change how you feel about your home

Think about colour in terms of palettes rather than single colours in order to find balance...

A good palette includes a base colour, a medium tone, and a few lighter accents. You may be surprised at how diverse colours can be within a single palette, but if they’re from the same base, they’ll always make sense. 

Try using accents in only one or two colours throughout your home. It’s an easy way to update your colour scheme while making your home look pulled together. And as you’re about to see, accent walls are no longer limited to walls.

2) Colour can repurpose areas without building works

Dining and living rooms are often merged in Victorian properties, to create large reception areas. It’s a much-loved idea. But the cultural shift to homeworking has put pressure on open-plan living, with people wanting to play, study, relax and work, often in the same space.

Colour blocking can help to gently identify zones in multi-functional rooms.  For example, if there’s a corner of the dining room where you work at a smaller table, painting a curved area in a tonally supportive colour can bring sense to how you use that space. Same with a children’s play area, creating a zone for what the area is used for through colour clarifies its purpose. Keep it simple for impact.

3) Colour can set the right tone for home working

The colours you choose for your working area can support you in your work, and help you present yourself to your colleagues in the way you want.

As a rough guide, choosing cooler colours such as green and blue for your work area can help create a calm environment which can boost concentration and focus. Alternatively, warmer shades like red, orange and yellows can evoke a more emotional vibe. And darker shades can make an area feel more enclosed and private, which can set a different tone altogether. Once you have a colour in mind, you can move on to thinking about the form it’ll take. Needn’t be a flat wall.

4) Colour can create illusions

Brave enough to colour outside the lines? Creating shapes on featureless walls creates depth and interest. A painted arch can be particularly effective. 

A ceiling painted a lighter shade than the walls from the same palette, can turn a boxy room without architectural detail into an interesting and larger-feeling space. Neutral paint colour works best for ceilings, but also try a lighter shade of your wall colour to open the room up. 

If you have a feature wall colour in the bedroom, consider taking it beyond the edge of the wall to cover a section of the ceiling above the bed. This effect can create the idea of a canopy. And all with just paint!

5) Colour is redesign without the designer price tag

Paint is relatively cheap, yet the wow factor can be priceless, achieved in a short time and with minimum mess. You don’t always have to think in terms of walls and ceilings either. If you want to input some fun in the design of your child’s neutral bedroom, for example, think about giving them a bright yellow door, something fun that marks it theirs. Or create impact and cosiness with a painted arch over the beds.

Having fun with paint can breathe new life into living spaces. 

Buy the best paint you can afford and talk to your supplier about your project.

And good luck!


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