Future Proof Your Victorian Home

And cut your energy bills–pronto–with 7 simple environmental hacks.

Posted on Thursday, June 9, 2022

Future Proof Your Victorian Home

Our Victorian homes are the fabric of east London. Designed with style and ambition by architects who knew the value of good ventilation and natural light. 

It’s now our role to fill in the gaps. Starting with the floorboards.

1) They can be the draft equivalent of a small window being permanently left open in your home. Fill the gaps in your floorboards and you’ll stop the heat in the rooms from escaping to voids in the house. 

2) Replacing any missing chimney dampers in Victorian fireplaces effectively stops the heat in the room from escaping up the chimney, as well as cold air outside entering the home.

And if you have central heating and a working fire, consider bioethanol flames as an alternative, for cosy flickering flames without the fossil fuel.

3) If tiling, door handles and other original fixtures need replacing, hit the markets and vintage stores to source originals. Even if your Victorian home is modernised, original details keep it true without the modern manufacturing methods, materials and packaging.

4) Paint those rich heritage colours using paint with low-VOC (volatile organic compounds): natural or organic paints are biodegradable and free of toxic petrochemicals. 

5) Go large on rugs to increase insulation and source sustainable materials like wool, cork, seagrass or recycled rubber.

6) Ditch the tumble dryer and dry clothes, instead, like the Victorians, with natural wind power. They’ll smell super-fresh plus the satisfaction of a full washing line can make you feel like you’re winning at life.

7) Renovate and restore using organic materials such as eucalyptus, bamboo and stone. These materials are hard-wearing, beautiful, and good to touch and be around.

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