Hope and optimism are the ultimate trends for Christmas 2022

Let them inspire your best holiday decorations ever.

Hope and optimism are the ultimate trends for Christmas 2022

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Have we ever needed Christmas more?

So far the Holiday Seasons of the 2020s have been stop-start at best, and the current gloom in the country can easily dampen the spirits. But to look around the streets of Walthamstow, Leyton and Forest Gate and see the twinkly lights starting to appear, is to remind ourselves that we remain a nation of people who shine on.

So let’s talk decs like it’s the run-up to Christmas. Because it is!

Christmas comes early for trees, meaning all trees are delivered simultaneously so if you wait until mid-Dec, they aren't fresh. Real Christmas trees are much more sustainable than artificial alternatives. One study concluded you'd have to use your fake fir for at least 20 years for it to be greener.

The Norway Spruce is currently the most popular tree growing on UK farms. Its dense bushy shape makes it ideal for decorating, but it’s known to have poor needle retention. When choosing your tree take a tape measure with you and once home cut the trunk at the base to help water and food penetrate. Then water it daily and position it away from heat sources. Tree facts:

  • The heavier the tree, the better it will retain water
  • The needles should be flexible and not fall easily. Check by holding the tree up and dropping lightly on its stump. If it drops more than a few needles, it isn’t fresh
  • Consider renting a tree, or buying a tree in a pot which you can then put out in your garden to grow for next year.

Live trees can survive indoors for up to 3 and a half weeks, if watered and kept relatively cool. It can then be returned to the garden to grow, saving you the faff of recycling and constantly sweeping needles. It’s also a way to create your own nostalgia as you build a relationship with a tree that grows and visits each year.

Interior Trends 2022

During times of crisis, we reach for the familiar. 90’s and naughties streetwear has been huge all year, and lots of us have been returning to throwback telly like Friends and Gillmore Girls.
90s Vibes are also showing up in our festive choices: dark, rich and traditional with velvet, fresh winter foliage, red berry wreaths, warm outdoor lights and Nutcracker ornaments. It’s cosy, cuddly, warming and hard not to love.

70s Scandinavia
Wooden decorations, nature-inspired with a clean and bright minimalistic aesthetic. Think crisp Winter mornings, wicker tree skirts, cosy throws sparse trees with leafier decorations in neutral colours, brought to life with warm glowy lights and simple, homemade–anything.
How about making your own Christmas wreath? Borrowed Light in Walthamstow are offering wreath-making workshops where you can see how best to combine fresh greens with wildlife,-inspired baubles and ornaments, pine cones, dried fruits and berries.

Always on trend, seeing as 3 million extra tons of general waste are created over the Christmas period, along with 227,000 miles of wrapping paper and packaging, bought, used and thrown away. Here’re some tips on breaking the cycle in your home.

  • Shop local/ support small businesses
  • Live potted trees
  • And alternatives to plastic decorations like pine cones, dried citrus fruits, twig stars and paper cutouts. Remember we live on the edge of Epping Forest, a wonderful place for foraging
  • Wrap with fabric rather than paper and re-use ribbons, invest in some this year for the future. Creating your own nostalgia

The Modern Twist
It’s luscious, dark and dangerously cosy. And can be achieved by layering different textures and combining a lot of the ideas above. See Liberty’s Christmas shop for some high-end inspo.
The palette is midnight blues, rich emerald greens, deep purples and ruby reds, softened with copper tones and glass baubles. The style is maximalist, bold and anything goes, so long as you stick to the colour scheme. The modern twist would be a great theme for a party and see you into New Year’s Eve with a bang.

Whatever and however you create your festive home for the holidays, don’t forget to take all this with a pinch of salt and be unashamedly YOU.

Happy festive building.

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