Inside Hucks: Your Neighbourhood Coffee Bar

The perfect blend of coffee and community, we asked Hucks owners Ian & Mark a few questions about their business.

Inside Hucks: Your Neighbourhood Coffee Bar

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Hucks is a coffee and music space in the heart of Walthamstow. Passionate about offering only the best product, they source from and work with suppliers to be proud of.

By day, you can enjoy artisan coffee, fresh pastries, cakes and sourdough toasties. By night, cocktails, beers and gigs.

They’re also able to accommodate any class, club, workshop or seminar plus their studio is soundproofed making it perfect for events, recording sessions and small gigs.


We caught up with Hucks Coffee owners Ian & Mark to find out more:


EE: What makes your business unique?

HC: Since we opened up seven years ago we’ve been committed to consistency and quality, sourcing locally and sustainably wherever possible. But the reason we stay in business and can open our door up every morning to our great community is our hard-working, skilled and super-friendly team. They’re ace and they’re always our first priority.


EE: What made you choose your company's location?

HC: It chose us! Mark fell in love with the old shop front and hand-painted signage and couldn’t resist the project. It helps to have Blackduke Vintage next door too and lots of other great neighbours around us.


EE: What local places inspire you?

HC: William Morris is always a place to take visitors and find inspiration but the forest is probably top of the list and you can pretty much get there staying off roads all the way from Whipps Cross.


EE: What’s the most community-minded activity you’re involved in?

HC: Our whole business is a community-minded activity and partly given our modest footfall our greatest reward is the sound of people happily chatting away out front. Our indoor space is available to rent out in the evenings and has been used for a huge variety of classes, workshops, events and gigs in the past.


EE: What’s the biggest challenge facing independent businesses right now in Walthamstow?

HC: Our success goes hand in hand with the success of our community and our greatest challenge hasn’t changed since we opened - staying sustainable as a business and managing costs and taxes whilst offering great value to our area and sticking to our own values of community, sustainability and taking real pride in what we do.


EE: What’s the best thing about running a business in Walthamstow?

HC: Walthamstow and all the people who pass through it! It’s a special community full of good people and it’s a magnet. We have customers who walk from the other side of Walthamstow just to grab a coffee, who cycle to us from miles away, and people who come back to visit us after moving from the area - even the country.


P.S. On completion of a property or rental contract, you will receive an exclusive offer for Hucks from us!


The commercial space that is currently Hucks and the 3-bedroom residential space above are for sale: Property Link

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