Kick Start The New Season

With these 5 easy home fixes

Kick Start The New Season

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Are you feeling the back-to-school vibes too? 

There’s a pattern of new starts at this time of year, whether or not we have children. The change in weather, natural light and season can be very energising, so to make the most of it as the BBQs tucked to the back of the shed; here’re 5 ideas for small home changes which can boost our sense of new term energy and creativity and make the most of your fresh start mood.

Find the study space you already have in the home

Do you clear the dinner pots away and bring your laptop out? Break out of old habits and give yourself a designated study or workspace, it’ll bring immediate benefits. A workstation can be fitted into a cupboard, a corner, under the stairs, or a hallway and with an array of lean-to desk options, it’s easier than ever to create a space. Only use bedrooms if there are no other options, as it isn’t very relaxing to sleep in the room you work in, consider screens or keeping your station in a cupboard that closes so that you can value your relaxing time.

DIY loft insulation

Not all changes in October will be upbeat, one being the costs of fuel. As a quarter of the heat in our homes is lost through the roof, insulating your loft, attic or flat roof is an effective way to reduce that heat loss and your bills. And it can be done by people with access to Google and a local DIY shop for advice. It’ll pay for itself many times over.

On the subject of warmth, a fast way to heat the body is with a hot water bottle, and they make great Christmas presents (see what we did there? We just mentioned “Christmas?”) It’s also a good idea for those living in high ceilinged Victorian homes. For more on this, read our blog 

Dress to impress… yourself

Heard of work dates? It’s a date with work. When we dress smartly, even if we’re not seeing anyone, zooming or even going anywhere. Studies have shown that many people are more effective and more professional in their work when they adapt a professional outlook through the way they present themselves. Put on something smart, maybe a nice fragrance and go get’em tiger—all the way to the spare bedroom. Or take yourself out for a couple of hours to one of the many fantastic coffee hubs around Walthamstow and Leyton and work there for a change of scene. Who knows what connections you’ll make? As we know, anything can happen around here.

Outside lighting

YES when putting the bins out late again, YES when finding our way to the washing line to get the towels from earlier, and YES when trying to get the key into the front door (nothing to do with that glass of wine).

Think ahead to the times we need light and don’t have it during the winter. Get it in the right places now and make life smoother. If you have a bright, south-facing garden, solar lights may be the way to go, alternatively, think about having an outside light put on a timer so you’re not using more power than necessary. It’s also a lovely welcome home.

Give your hallway a fresh start too

In preparation for big coat season, rethink your hallway. Did it work last year? Or was it like everything from your house had been tipped out, and landed next to the front door? There’re lots of cool-looking coat hooks out there, make sure you have enough space to use them for extras like dog leads and umbrellas too. And is the hallway welcoming enough? Consider a coat of paint. You can lighten the space with white paint and a mirror, or maybe you want to get a jump on Autumn and introduce some on-trend, greens and mustards into your scheme, to give a bolder welcome as you walk through the door. For more on hallways see our hallways blog here

These ideas are simple fixes to boost your day-to-day experience at home, but remember it’s still officially Summer until the 24th of September! 

Happy new beginnings.

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