Move or improve in 2022?

Is it a new home you need? Or just a new coat of paint?  Estates East asks 3 revealing questions to help you with the answer.

Move or improve in 2022?

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1) What do you love most, and least about your current home?

If your ‘love most’ list includes light, space & location, you may be in the right place already. Rest easy. Is your ‘love least’ list significant? Or snags that could be solved with improved storage? Or reconfiguring spaces? Talk to us, it’s great to get fresh eyes on your home. We’re always happy to look at options with you, and it costs nothing to chat!

2) Do you ever wish you could pick up your home and put it somewhere else?

You can change your home, but not your location or your neighbours. If this is where your head’s at, you may be nudging towards a move. Be brave, if you’ve created a home you love once, you know you can do it again and next time you’ll have more experience. Talk to us.

3) Do you drool over homes on social media (for more time than you’re willing to admit)?

Notice what you’re noticing. Would a set of new kitchen doors create that vibe in the space you’re in? Or a new skylight? A change of colour? Talk to us, we can help you decide a budget that doesn’t take you beyond what your property’s worth.

Whatever you have in mind, we're here to help.

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