Quiet Corners: Minimalist Ceramics for Peaceful Living by Ania Perkowska

Discover Walthamstow-based ceramic artist, Ania Perkowska, Estates East’s resident exhibitor for The E17 Art Trail 2024 

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Quiet Corners: Minimalist Ceramics for Peaceful Living by Ania Perkowska

Walthamstow-based ceramic artist Ania Perkowska finds tranquillity to be a guiding principle that shapes her artistry, rather than just a lifestyle choice.

In her exhibition "Quiet Corners", in Estates East during The E17 Art Trail 2024, Ania invites us to slow down and embrace the beauty of "less is more."  

Ania's childhood experiences in communist Poland, where stark concrete structures dominated the landscape, inspire her work reflecting a deep appreciation for simplicity and contrast. This formative experience laid the foundation for her artistic vision and inspired her to explore the tension between order and chaos, between the structured and the organic.

At the heart of Ania's work lies a deep reverence for the medium of clay, her designs, characterised by geometric forms and minimalistic decoration, speak to a timeless elegance that transcends trends and fads. 

Ania's art has more than just visual appeal it's an invitation to engage with the senses. From a distance, her pieces may seem quiet and unassuming. Yet, it is only upon closer inspection that their true beauty is revealed. Running your fingers along the textured surfaces, and feeling the weight of a carefully crafted mug in your hands—these are the moments that elevate everyday objects into vessels of joy and contemplation.

Every piece is not just a functional object, but a conduit for mindfulness and serenity. Whether it's a sleek vase adorning your workspace or a delicately glazed mug cradling your favourite beverage, Ania's ceramics encourage us to find moments of stillness and connection in our daily lives.

Ania's commitment to craftsmanship extends beyond her studio practice. As the founder of Boso Studio, she shares her passion for pottery through teaching classes and empowering others to discover the meditative joy of working with clay.

In a world that often seems chaotic and overwhelming, Ania Perkowska's ceramics remind us of the power of simplicity to soothe the soul. In her artwork, we are invited to embrace the beauty of quiet corners and create havens of peace within our homes amidst the noise.


Dates: 1st - 16th June

Location: Estate East, 40 Orford Road, E17 9NJ

Admission: Free


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