Spring Trends

Think you don’t care right now because it’s still cold? You SO will. VERY soon. It’s coming.

Posted on Friday, February 24, 2023

Spring Trends

Our taste for calm and collected colour schemes in the home over the last few years, probably reflected a more general need for calm with the world as it is.

But like all trends there comes a tipping point where we suddenly all want to run as fast as we can in the opposite direction. And this Spring’s colour projections suggest a surge of energy in our souls and the pressing need to boldly jump forward.

Making a splash with colour is the cheapest, most effective and enlivening way to achieve a mega mood shift in your home. A new colour that reflects the season can pack a punch in every nook and cranny, and the colours currently punching above their weight are anything but calm.


Move aside naturals and neutrals. There’re some bold Pantones coming through and they don’t look like they’re moving out of the way for anyone. 

They’re rich, powerful and full of enthusiasm and strength: think burned orange, terracottas, reds, and pinks. Those who feel too ‘on alert’ by the presence of reds may consider gentler aubergines, which double beautifully with the current creams and greens we possibly all have some element of in our homes already.


Continually making inroads into our design thinking and buying habits and making so much sense to our pinched pockets right now. Sustainable approaches to renovations and interiors are growing and becoming more mainstream all the time, from using found and used materials in renovations to sourcing eco-friendly paint for those richly coloured walls. Re-using wood, glass and stone creatively to create structural elements like interesting staircases and exposed beams also adds a unique element to the space, prompting delicious questions like “Oo where did you find this?”.


Heard of comfortcore? You will. It’s the idea of furniture sort of wrapping itself around the human form and creating tactile, soft and inviting places to sit and cocoon your loved ones. Think rounded forms, touchable textures and soft tones. Particularly key in unlikely places like kitchens where the removal of overhead cupboards for simpler open shelves is definitely a thing, with curved edges of course. The idea of curves is that they offer reassurance. And if you think about it, they do!


For a while, the idea of texture has translated into peoples’ homes as gallery walls. And a large wall filled with framed pictures and objects still has its place. But it’s moving to less of the framed prints and more of the statement wall hanging and covering. Creating a romantic ‘I found it in a french market’ vibe but also bold graphics printed onto large swathes of fabric. Alternatively murals, bold papers and panelling. It’s worth experimenting, adding texture does something to a space that you can’t always put your finger on, but it might be that they introduce an immediate shot of character.


If in doubt: deciding on a floor, or a tile or a covering or texture, you simply can’t go wrong by going for the real thing: stone, glass, wood, linen, plants—nature. It feeds into our continued love of minimalist and Japandi design. It feels good to touch and brush against, walk on and clean. And provides an unmistakable sense of home.

Whether selling, buying or staying put, let’s love up our homes and prepare for the return of the light and the new season.

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