Supperclub Tube: A Unique Dining Experience on a 1967 Victoria Line Carriage

Discover Supperclub Tube, a social dining experience with Latin-inspired cuisine, in our Q&A with owner Nick Atkins

Posted on Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Supperclub Tube: A Unique Dining Experience on a 1967 Victoria Line Carriage

Supperclub Tube is one of London’s most unique immersive dining experiences. Run by Nick Atkins and Head Chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño since 2018, the transformed Tube carriage offers both communal and private seating, lively jazz, and exceptional service.

1) Can you tell us about the concept behind your unique dining experience?

Our dining experience as our name suggests runs as a supper club, a supper club means that all guests sit down at the same time and for some diners, they will share a communal table. We also have private tables available but we do get good feedback from those who love to meet new people on a shared table.

2) Can you tell us about the process of transforming the Tube carriage into a dining space?

For us this is what we call theatre, we start with a blank tube carriage and transform the space into a restaurant with 35 seats and a bar area. The tube carriage resides in a local museum, so local diners can also see it empty every Sunday when the museum is open to the public. And so yes this means that we perform this theatrical transformation every week.

3) Tell us about the menu. What sort of dishes and ingredients can guests expect to enjoy during their visit?

Our dishes are inspired by the culinary traditions of Latin American countries using both ancestral and modern techniques, authentic ingredients and British seasonal produce. For the summer menu, we start with a dish that is a tribute to corn using 4 different varieties of corn, followed by a Colombian-style cassava bread with chorizo. The third course is Ecuadorian ceviche, and the last of the savoury dishes is Asado. The term “asado” describes a meal itself but more importantly, a social gathering that accompanies it. We finish with a passionfruit ice dome and tres leches, an emblematic Latin American dessert served with Andean berries.

4) What can people expect from an evening at Supperclub Tube?

Visitors can expect to meet new people over six courses of exceptional fine dining or have a very private dining experience. There is a very lively playlist of jazz music throughout the evening which is curated to match the increasingly lively atmosphere. We like to think great service from our attentive staff contributes to our diners experiencing a wonderful night out for all occasions and celebrations. We also receive good feedback for our wine selection.

5) What plans do you have for the future of Supperclub Tube? Any upcoming events?

Every evening is an event in itself and so when guests choose to come and dine with us they are always coming to an event. Our events run most Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings throughout the year.

6) Where can people find out more and visit you? for Instagram and is our web address.

Google for where we are and you will also be able to see that reviews have been very kind to us – there are lots more in those reviews to let you know how the evening went for some of our appreciative guests.


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