The Good Tenant

How they live without stress, get their full deposits back, and walk around town with tip-top references.

The Good Tenant

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You know the ones.

They seem to know ahead of everyone else where the cool places are coming up for rent, and annoyingly, always seem to be there just ahead of you. And with the rental market being so competitive, you’d probably like a slice of what they’re having.

What they probably have going for them is value as a prospective tenant. They may also have a killer smile and know the landlord, who knows, but in the meantime let’s raise your prospects and get you to the front of that queue.

Making a good impression as a prospective tenant with your landlord, both on paper and in person, is crucial to getting you into the rental agreement you want.

In fact, generally, having a good rental experience has a lot to do with the quality of the landlord/tenant relationship, and there’s plenty you can do as the tenant to steer that relationship in the right direction from the get-go.

This is what landlords look for in tenants:

  • Healthy credit history
  • A stable income
  • A good track record with renting

Other qualities that’ll be noticed in a long line of applicants are:

  • Good communication skills
  • Organised and trustworthy
  • And a clear interest in creating a home

Being ready with the paperwork the landlord needs to assess you for the tenancy is crucial. Talk to us if you're not sure, we’ll help you get that organised.

There’s no need for an all-out charm offensive, no one’s expecting cake, but asking some key questions in your initial meeting with your landlord will help you stand out from other applicants, here are a few ideas:

  • If I need to reach you, how do you prefer to be contacted?
  • On which days are the bins collected?
  • Do you have a window cleaner?

Ultimately the landlord wants someone who has the capacity to pay on time, keep the property clean and stay for ages. But you want to leave the impression that you’re someone who’s going to treat the property like their own home too. And saying things like “I think I could make this a lovely home” helps that come across.

And it doesn’t stop once you move in. 

Like all relationships, keeping things running smoothly takes work.

Here are the top 5 ways to rent without stress and swan around town with tip-top references. 

1) Always pay your rent on time

If something goes wrong and the payment’s going to be late, talk to your landlord or letting agent immediately to explain the situation. If you have a good relationship with open communication it’s more likely you’ll reach a solution together. It’s times like these that positive communication throughout your dealings pay off.

2) Care for the property like it’s yours

Take a pride in it and keep it in good nick. It’ll make you feel more settled while you live there and create better conditions in which to get your full deposit back and score a great reference when you leave the property.

3) Communicate maintenance issues quickly and clearly

However small. let the landlord or letting agent know, it’s about communication, and keeping dialogue open for times when a more serious problem might have to be tackled.

4) Keep it clean

Keeping your rental home clean and with bins emptied is valued by landlords. The property is their business investment, and by respecting that investment, you become a valued part of their business. Also, it’s harder for you to negotiate anything regarding the property if the property is a hot mess. Keeping it in good order will also make your experience in the home more comfortable and settled.

5) Honesty pays   

Any financial half-truths told to secure the property can come back to bite, keep things honest and above board.  Ultimately you and your landlord or agent want to make things work. Be open, it’s less stressful.

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