The nail-biting, hell-raising, 24 hour race against time that is mortgage brokering, would challenge even Jason Statham

Prepare to meet a real-life action hero. And hear why you shouldn’t try any of what he does at home.

The nail-biting, hell-raising, 24 hour race against time that is mortgage brokering, would challenge even Jason Statham

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Paul Meredith does not have a shaved head. 

He doesn’t act like a right geezer, or deliver questionable one liners.

As a mortgage broker, he eats and sleeps the latest economic forecasts, and devours interest rate predictions for breakfast. But there's something significant about Paul that sets him apart from other brokers, and this is where it gets personal.

Paul speaks in human.

People don’t generally grow up dreaming of becoming a mortgage broker, but as a young man, Paul was inspired by a broker in the office of one of his first jobs. It wasn’t just the way the guy brought things together, but the knowledge, integrity and professionalism with which he advised his clients, in order for them to achieve their dreams. Paul listened and learned.

It’s one of the reasons he takes the time to explain the reasons for his advice in English, rather than in ‘mortgage broker’. And why he still writes personal, heartfelt letters to lenders when necessary, to make a client’s case.  

Paul’s a modest person, mild-mannered and a good listener. But he’s not one to drop back in a fight, where his clients are concerned. 

On numerous occasions he’s sped through streets to deliver contracts to solicitors, by hand, to meet his client’s deadline. 

Last time Paul went on holiday with his family, he took a call on the tarmac at Gatwick from a client who was in tears about an innocent mistake she’d made, which had caused a shortfall in her mortgage balance of £5,000. Money she didn’t have.

Before Paul was finally instructed by the airline pilot to shut down his phone, he’d had enough time to talk the distraught woman’s lender into changing their mind and support his client in her situation. He arrived in Portugal to receive this message from her: “Thank you so much, we did it!’.

If you want to talk to a mortgage broker for advice, the person you want is Paul Meredith. We can’t guarantee he won’t have a knife between his teeth, while swinging out the back of a hurricane jet, trying to save the world when you call. But we can guarantee that he’ll take your call, and stick with you until the right deal is yours.

Reasons to use a Mortgage Broker and not do it yourself.

  • Mortgage brokering is a profession you must be qualified in to practice, by law

  • Exploring thousands of mortgage products can be overwhelming. Let an expert save your time and stress levels

  • A mortgage lender will only push their own products, which may not be the best one for you, brokers can see everything that’s available

  • Some lenders only offer their products through brokers and don’t deal directly with the public 

  • A broker will know which lenders are able to turnaround applications quickly and which are currently struggling with service

  • A broker does the legwork for you, helps you fill out the forms and prepares your case so it goes through smoothly first time

  • They stay on top of the process, keeping in touch with the lender and liaising with solicitors if required

  • If you’re self-employed, or have a bad credit history, you may find it difficult to get a mortgage on the high street. A broker has access to a wider range of specialist lenders, and experience in helping those excluded from the mainstream market

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