You’ve Detoxed Your Body, But Have You Detoxed Your Bedroom?

Set the scene for the best night’s sleep of your life.

You’ve Detoxed Your Body, But Have You Detoxed Your Bedroom?

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Creating a sleep-inducing bedroom now, while the evenings are dark and cold could help set your brain’s dial to sleep as soon as you enter. And with practice, could help improve your sleeping patterns long term. 

Quality sleep is sought after by the majority of us because as we know, the lack of it can be mentally and physically debilitating. So this one is all about creating more than a bedroom, but a sanctuary where you can rest at home anytime you need to. And it shouldn’t cost a thing.

Special shout out to anyone working from home and doing it in their bedroom. Many of us do, but try and find a way to not see elements of work from your sleep space by removing them. Even the mental associations of a certain notepad or power cable can provide a little wake-up charge in your mind. Haven’t we all got stuck into an email stream late at night, without planning to or realising we’d fallen into it?

Have a desk that you can fold away bureau style, if you have a big room, a sliding door or if not, screen your work area off. Screens can look cool, but make sure it’s solid enough to support itself to avoid any bumps at night.

The screens that do not look stylish and have been proven to inhibit quality sleep are digital screens emitting blue light. Try and switch them off 20 minutes before bed or better still don’t have them in the bedroom at all.


If it’s hanging about and it shouldn’t be, it's a potential distraction in your sleep space, as it’s something that needs to be done. You may as well have a sign on the bedroom wall saying WAKE UP AND GET BUSY.  Tidy, reduce it and clear the decks. If it’s stuff you actually need at least put it out of your line of sight and ideally away from the bedroom. Clear room, clear mind. And a clear mind cuts to the zeds way quicker than those of us looking at the dressing area and wondering if we'll ever actually wear that tuxedo jacket and maybe it’s time to list it. And this goes beyond the stuff you can see. The storage boxes, laundry and under-the-bed drawers stuffed with seasonal clothes etc can all be attention grabbers too.


Keep them cosy and tactile. Bedroom decor is all about the un-busy, the un-challenging and the un-fussy. Another quick route to calm is to bring some nature in. Use natural materials: wood, bamboo, linen, cotton and wool. Doesn’t even the list sound sleepy?

Diffuse some good vibes too like lavender which not only helps you nod off but can be very grounding. 

And plants really punch above their weight. According to the NASA Clean Air Study, plant varieties such as English Ivy and Peace Lily can reduce levels of harmful pollutants in the air such as benzene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, helping detoxify your sleep space.  And yes we just quoted a NASA study.


Currently, the hot colours are dark, muted and gloomy with a vibe of grandeur. And this really works in the bedroom, as they soak up soft lighting and feel very soft. These colours also contrast beautifully with pale, tonal bedding colours. Find combos that prompt an ‘ahh’ when you see them together, rather than those that make you wonder if they work. This isn’t the room in which to be edgy and experimental with colour.


Bedroom lighting is all about control, as any shift worker will tell you. When you need it dark you should be able to achieve that. And if reading, you need it bright enough to see without straining your eyes, without illuminating the entire room like Southend.

First off you don’t want to be fiddling around in the dark. Get your lighting hard-wired, so that when you go in and switch the light on, a sensation of winding down begins in the body. It’s about using your home to build positive routines that support you.

Dimmable switches are good, but you don’t want to rely on a central overhead light, or even worse a non-central overhead light. Keep it soft and near to hand, so you can set a good scene. Fairy lights are gram-friendly and create cosiness, but don’t go to sleep with them on as it’ll prevent you reaching the optimum sleep pattern.

Getting enough sleep helps every aspect of our well-being, mentally and physically. And your bedroom is where you can help it happen. Only you can know what your personal oasis of calm looks like. And it’s way easier than going to the gym.

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