Estates East

Tenancy Dispute Procedures

We rarely run into disputes and the culture of Estates East is to maintain a good spirit and sense of fairness between the landlord and the tenants, throughout the tenancy.

But we have a procedure in place as a backup through mydeposits.

A checkout takes place on the last day of the tenancy and is sent to the landlord for their comments and any proposed deductions. It’s then sent to the tenants for their comments.

If there is disagreement, Estates East negotiates between the parties to secure a solution—and it’s times like these you’ll feel pleased to have a professional agent in your corner.

Once an agreement is made, we release the deposit through the mydeposit service and back to the tenants within 3-5 working days.

If an agreement can’t be reached (very unusual), we would go through the mydeposits dispute procedure.