Tenant guide

Excited to see your new place?

You’re here — which means you’re already taking your first step towards renting, and starting a new chapter in your life.

How Estates East will make that happen for you is set out here, with a step-by-step guide that explains how renting works.

Our process is simple and transparent, and the team at Estates East are here to support you at every step.

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How do I rent?

1. Register with Estates East

  • You fill in and submit a Tenant Registration Form and the more details you give, the better the property-fit we can find for you. No signatures are required at this stage.
  • Next we deliver a list of potential "YES" properties to your inbox the minute they become available.

2. Offer

  • When you’ve seen the home you want, we email you a link to the Offer Form which requires your signature.
    Only then can an offer be made on the property for you.

3. Holding deposit

  • We let you know by email when your offer is accepted.
  • You then pay a holding deposit, which is the equivalent of 1 week’s rent.
    This isn’t an extra fee, it comes off your main deposit. It’s necessary because it secures the property for you while the reference checks are happening.
  • Once we receive a screenshot of the transaction from you to prove it’s paid, we remove your property from our website and begin the reference checks.
  • Important: if you withdraw your offer without a valid reason after it’s been accepted, you lose your holding deposit. Talk to us if you have any questions.

4. Reference checks

  • The information that’s being checked is below. We enter your details onto our referencing platform, which keeps the process fair and moving forwards.
  • See how Estates East protects your information in our Privacy Policy
  • Credit check
  • Reference from your current Landlord
  • Reference from your Employer to confirm your earnings
Estates East
Estates East
Estates East

5. Deposit and tenancy agreement

  • Before moving in, you pay a deposit equivalent to 5 weeks’ rent, plus 1 month in advance.
  • This amount is minus the holding deposit you already paid.
  • You also sign and submit the Tenancy Agreement.
  • You’re able to move into your new home once the funds are cleared.

6. Move

  • You’re home! We email you all your tenancy documents to keep.
  • Then it’s time for you to meet your Property Management Team, or your Landlord.
  • Rental payments are paid by standing order.

The bottom line

Renting with Estates East can be a smooth and easy process, just keep on top of your inbox so you never miss an email. And we’re here to help you at every step Call: 020 8520 9300

Our service to you

You’ll have a dedicated contact at Estates East, for professional support at every stage: keeping you informed, making things clear and promptly returning your calls. Not that you’ll be chasing.
And as for hidden fees? Forget it, we’re an open book.

Our service to you is to find you a home that you’re excited to move into, and that fits your budget.

I've lived in London as a tenant for around 5 years now, and recently moved into a property managed by Estates East. They're a local family run business so you don't get the typical corporate agent types, which is so refreshing in London. The team has been incredibly helpful with their management service. I'm particularly impressed by their prompt and clear communication, quick turnaround, and sincerity. Excellent service, and by far the best agents I've dealt with.

Zoom room

Something we learned last year is that peoples’ dreams of moving can not be locked down. Also that renting property remotely is absolutely doable! Estates East evolved and adapted. And now, if we’re faced with another lockdown, we’re all set and skilled-up to continue finding you somewhere to rent.

The Estates East Zoom Room is kitted out to give you a new kind of viewing experience with adapted particulars and working practices.



Tell us about the kind of property you’re looking for, and we’ll start thinking of you, and matching you to exciting new listings that become available. Plus any opportunities we know are coming up!

Once you’re registered, we'll deliver a list of potential “YES” properties to your inbox the minute they become available.

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