Value My Property

What’s the right price for your home?

We always have a long list of buyers registered, but what’s important to you is the quality of the buyers currently on the Estates East books: are they motivated buyers or day trippers? Are they ready to go to contract? Or buried in bad chains?

Our buyers aren’t just numbers to us, we’re up to speed with their circumstances. And we’ll matchmake the buyers who are a fit with your property and timeframe.

So, how much?

Dazzling you with a huge price tag is fun!
But it tends to come at a cost down the line (to you). So instead we value property at the right price.

That’s the price that attracts the best, motivated buyers: too high and you risk sticking on the market, too low and you leave money on the table.
Estates East will value your property to fit the market, meet your expectations and fuel the hopes of our registered buyers.


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