Buyers are more likely to offer on a property in September, than any other time of the year

The hotter the market, the easier your sale.

Buyers are more likely to offer on a property in September, than any other time of the year

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People get excited about June being the key month for buying and selling property, but everyone in the know knows September’s the big one.

In June you’re in competition with the greatest number of sellers, whereas September buyers are motivated by other things.

Entertaining children over the summer leaves little time for home searching. And keeping the home in pristine shape for viewings, while the living areas are literally full of kids and their friends and their stuff, and their friends’ stuff, can be a lot; and keep gorgeous family homes in East London tied up in a sort of queue for the new term.

But as the season changes and a gentle chill fills the air and the leaves in Lloyd Park start to crisp, we might feel a sudden desire for a new pencil case and wait, is that a perfect funnel cashmere jumper in that window? We start thinking of getting cosy, we think about Christmas, beanie hats, candlelight, roast dinners and the wonder, the simplicity and comfort of home.

And when the school bell rings and order returns to the home in September, there’s suddenly space to move your plans forward. And it’s the same for buyers, who suddenly have more time to attend viewings. 

There’s a reason that the housing market in east London heats up as the weather cools down. Get the home on the market in September and you can be inviting your friends and family to stay in your new home for Christmas. Spending the cold winter months warmed by the excitement of a new place, and with the freedom to start the next year with a clean slate, free of the property niggles and space issues of last year.

Step one’s easy

Got a to-do list that features the line ‘get house on market?’ Did you know it takes just 30 seconds to start that process? It may sound like an enormous task, but all you do is simply call 020 8520 9300 to arrange a valuation or request online and you're crossing it off. 

After the valuation, you may decide not to sell at this time, but you’ll have at least talked to someone who knows the local market, and you’ll know what your home is currently worth. And that puts you in the driving seat for when you feel ready.

If, after the valuation, you do decide to list your home, you’ll know which homes you can afford, and be able to window shop for homes in east London with knowledge and a firm plan.

You’ve got time

August is a great time to fix snags in the home, there’s still plenty of daylight during the evenings giving you more time. And some decisions about how much work you do will be made for you. Selling in September doesn’t give you time for a new extension, ahead of the winter, but that removes a dilemma for many. Stick to what’s achievable and necessary instead. It might just be a clear out, a fresh coat of paint and a tidy in the garden.

Let us help 

When we carry out the valuation on your property, we can discuss your plans and advise what is worth spending on in order to increase its value, and which work is better left alone. We have a strong list of buyers and we know what they’re looking for,  so let us bring you in on this.

Here’s to the last property rush of the year.

Let’s crack on and good luck!


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