Fall in Love With Your Home Again

But know when enough’s enough

Fall in Love With Your Home Again

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Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is nearly here. So let the cheesy cards, petrol station red roses and meals out for two commence. 

Alternatively, you could make things altogether more homely.

Let’s never forget the character in your life that shelters you no matter what the world throws at you. The tirelessly warm welcome at the end of each and every day, hugging you with warmth and familiarity. Your home knows your deepest secrets, your true yearnings and ambitions, and your wholly embarrassing record collection. It knows you better than anyone, warts and all. But It never judges, it just silently stands, stoically waiting with absolutely everything you might need, just in case.  

Valentine's Day is about honouring your strongest relationships and celebrating love in all forms. Will you be picking up something special for your home this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the times you’ve had together and all that special alone time?

It’s been your office, your gym, your refuge, your watering hole, your restaurant and your cinema.

Maybe a new doormat with a witty, appreciative message? A fresh bouquet that perfectly represents your own personal taste, or the dreamy aroma of a new candle? 

No cash for home gifts? Then a declaration of love it is. And there’s nothing better.

Was it love at first sight for you and your home? Maybe you were crushing on another home at the same time, the one that got away—but hasn’t the bond with your home grown every day since then? 

Or perhaps you’re not feeling it right now, not fancying your home as much as you did.

When you’ve been with a home for a long time and while everything is okay and liveable, but not necessarily ideal, it’s time to find some momentum to keep the love alive. And this is critical to sustaining the relationship.

Even if this isn’t destined to be your forever home, there’s reason to celebrate the bond you have now. All relationships go in stages.

Love up your home by giving it some attention and spending some time making your most comfortable areas, more beautiful. Does the lighting need adjusting? 

Find the light in your home without the glare of Instagram. A camera can not capture the way the morning light feels in your kitchen as you brew your first coffee of the day. Or how your Monstera plant sprawls and throws shadows on the wood panelling, just in the way you wanted. How those colours you put together make your heart flutter a little when you go into certain rooms. And a picture can not share the feeling of calm you feel when the evening light refracts on the edge of the mirror, casting a glowing hue across the room. Or how perfectly packed away the kitchen looks when freshly cleaned and ready for the action of the next meal. These details are only experienced by you.

So when the relationship fades in the light of a new job offer, or a growing child, or a change of situation, there’ll be a part of you that’ll wonder how you’ll ever find this and feel this again in a new home. But love finds a way. And as the relationship moves on, as in life you may find yourself needing to address what your new ideal match will look like, and how you want it to make you feel, to represent where you are in your life now.

Be flexible, adjust your price range and be ready to make a move as soon as your head is turned.

Your home will be fine, in the hands of the Estates East matchmakers where it will bestow its charms on a new person. Thank your home, wish it well and move on with a full heart.

If you’re not sure of your time frame or exactly what you want, talk to us and book a free valuation. We can go over your options together. If you loved your home, it means someone else will too.

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