“Love my home, love my clutter”

And 5 other mindsets to ditch when selling your home.

“Love my home, love my clutter”

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Everyone’s willing to go to different lengths to make a good sale on their property. 

And for many sellers, the stress involved, the compromise necessary and the level of decision-making can lead them to assume positions that are counterproductive to the sale of their property, in order to protect themselves and maintain a feeling of control.

And we’ve all felt that need for control on occasion, so no judgement here!

However, from this list of classics, you’ll soon realise that the wrong mindset can negatively influence the sale of your home. And that’s when we as agents can gently advise you away from the direction you’re moving in.

If any of these relate to you, we’d love to learn from your experience and hear how you brought your sale back on track. Remember we’re just down the road and can help you with anything that might be affecting you.

1) ‘The best price for my property is the highest price”

The highest offer isn’t always the best, it depends on the buyer's circumstances and the state of the chain if there is one. The bank may not value the property at the price you’re offering, and some people fall for homes and offer more than they can afford to secure it.

Refusing to budge on your price can quickly backfire. The goal should be to achieve a fair market value, which refers to how a home is valued when both the buyer and seller are in sync, and basing the price on local market conditions, experience and depending on what type of people are open to buy at that price from a list.

2) "My home will be sold as seen, DIY isn’t my thing"

This can be very off-putting to potential buyers. Not everyone wants a project, however small, and many people these days don’t have the capacity or the resources to chase builders to renovate. If compromise is necessary (and it often is) consider prioritising the most glaring issues. And we can advise on how to do this. Some things are worth spending on, others are not.

3) "Love my home, love my clutter"

There are lots of reasons to de-clutter, but in terms of the sale, a cluttered home suggests the property has insufficient storage. Not a good first impression. It also looks like a lot of work. A tidy home looks easy and effortless and this is the feeling you want to be sharing with buyers. Also, clear spaces allow potential buyers to picture themselves in the space which creates a more immediate connection between the buyer and your home.

4) “I’m using a national agent as they have more reach”

Our social habits have democratised house searching, with all homes being available to everyone wherever they live, which is brilliant. But if you’re moving to an area such as east London as a newbie do you really want your agent to be from another town? You need to know the quirks of the local property market, have the connections to bring things together for your purchase. Make sure your agent is experienced in dealing with a variety of property types and in the area you’re moving to.

5) “I’ll deal with the mortgage once I’ve found the home I want”

It’s never too early to start the mortgage process, so you’re going into the market with a full picture of what your budget is. And don’t forget to add the fees of selling your property. There are many variables involved in buying and selling property, anything you can lock down up front like your mortgage, can prevent that from becoming something that creates a hold-up once you move to exchange and complete.

6) "I’m managing my time by only being available for viewings on my terms"

If your property isn’t easy to show, it won’t be easy to sell.  This is where your estate agent is your partner in achieving your home sale. Work with them, be available, keep open and whatever the issue is with viewings, talk about it, so a compromise can be found. And try to focus on your goal.

Considering selling?

Talk to us and request a valuation. It’s an easy first step and you might be surprised at the price you can achieve. For further advice on selling your home, visit the Selling Guide.

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